Hydraulic Power Units

Progressive Hydraulics designs and manufacturers Hydraulic Power Units (HPU’s) to meet their customer’s needs. Each HPU will has been designed by PHI’s Fluid Power certified engineers and manufactured in our Saddle Brook, New Jersey facility. All of the engineering data and documentation will be provided before manufacturing begins to insure that the design meets your custom needs. Utilizing the most current 3D modeling and AutoCAD software packages provides full design clarity and helps facility planning. After manufacturing your custom unit will be testing and shipped with a 1 year warranty standard.

Hydraulic power units have been manufactured by PHI for the last 48 years for Industrial, Military, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing industries. Typical HPU’s are powered by electric motor with on-board oil reservoir, pumps, valves, filters, heaters and coolers packaged as one piece skids. Also available are HPU’s powered by Diesel, Gasoline and Natural Gas engines.

50 Gallon 10HP HPU With Motor Starter

This unit has a 10HP electric motor and a piston pump.  Multiple valve stack allow for many functions.  Comes ready to run with motor starter enclosure.


75 Gallon Redundant 15HP HPU 

This unit has redundant electric motors and a piston pumps.  Piston pumps charge the accumulator to ensure safe system operation.  If one pump fails standby pump is ready!


100 Gallon Unit with Fan Cooler

This 100 Gallon unit features vertical style high pressure pump motors and a kidney cooling circulation loop.  With a electric fan driven heat exchanger the unit is designed for 24/7 operation at 100% duty cycle.